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Buying recycled clothes helps the environment

At Da Loop we believe that you don't need to spend big bucks or promote the use of unnecessary resources to look great and enjoy quality fashion.  Buying recycled clothes minimises impacts on the environment - this means that when you buy recycled you contribute to the wellbeing of all living creatures.

Your pre-owned clothes item has a history.  

- so it's even more special when it becomes yours and you add to its story.

Try out a different style or new designer.

The best way to avoid disappointment when trying out a new designer or different style is to first buy secondhand.  Quality, responsibly-made garments are a good investment but not something that everyone can afford regularly.  Da Loop congratulates those designers who are ethical and earth-kind, and endeavours to stock a selection of their garments and accessories for you to try.

Buy local and support your community

If it is something new you are after, for yourself or as a gift for someone, you will love Da Loop's handmade products!  Many are unique, once-off items that you will be proud to own.  All are made locally, reducing effects on the environment and supporting the local comunity.  The selection includes clothes, beanies, gloves, hair accessories, toys, jewellery and craft items.  

Fashion is fun

Da Loop has a variety of vintage items - fun for everyday wear or parties!  And Da Loop's mannequins are a spirited little team who love to showcase Da Loop's stock while out and about.  You can follow their adventures on facebook.

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