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Gypsy's Adventures Part 14

Sam was a little over hearing about her best friend Gypsy’s perilous activities and associated explosion of male attention.  In fact, she had accepted an invitation from her childhood friend, JJ, to go camping with some of the old school gang just to have a short break from Gypsy’s perpetual joy. The gruelling window-modelling career that Sam and Gypsy shared was challenging and exhausting enough without jealousy compounding the problem… 

 After flopping into her camp chair and finding that she couldn’t get up again, Sam realised that she must have been near breaking point when had she received JJ’s text.  Never mind that everyone except JJ had come down with the flu the day before the trip (problem: Sam had planned to gate-crash the girls’ tent as she didn’t have one of her own), and never mind that JJ, the once tiny and timid bookworm, was now a 6 foot 6 barefoot and bearded barrel of muscle (possibly axe-murderer) – none of this was going to stop her from getting a little R & R!  She poured herself a celebratory gin and tonic...

 A little later, Sam asked JJ if she could help with dinner.  (She was feeling a little guilty for not having brought much food to contribute.)

 “Look, you’re welcome to half my Trangia stew if you’re too stuffed to cook”, JJ offered kindly while passing her a glass of red.

 “You know, that would be just too awesome, if you’re sure you won’t go hungry”, said Sam.  “But just watch out it doesn’t turn into bilby stew!”  They both chuckled and the bilby scampered off.

 “I have a huge bag of marshmallows to fill any gap in my stomach”, replied JJ with a grin.











So Sam ate and drank, and as the sun began to set more wildlife gathered around, admiring her politically correct faux fur Sportsgirl vest (XS-S, $20) and Earth vegan shoes ($30) (worn with FCUK tee, Levi jeans and silk beanie).  At one stage she got up, pulled out one weedy African Daisy and collapsed back into her chair feeling dizzy.  Sensing that she needed some spoiling, JJ fed her toasted marshmallows from his state-of-the-art four-pronged marshmallow stick, and Sam soon began to feel a little heady from the smoke, wine and sugar.  So much so that she decided that:

a)    a strange khaki vest worn without undergarment was a fashion statement;

b)    she needed to be prostrate;

c)     she needed to be prostrate, but was not THAT exhausted that she didn’t start to wonder if R.M. Williams zippers were of superior quality to those sewn into other men’s brand jeans, and whether or not she might be able to test that out while she was prostrate.

In a nutshell, she was horny.

But morning broke with JJ’s zip still firmly in place – he’d been too much the gentleman to allow any hanky panky on what was essentially a first date (boo, hiss!).  You’ll be pleased to know, however, that he did encourage some alternative camp frolicking such as star-gazing through the tent window, bird-watching at dawn, and climbing the magnificent Pink Gum and Peppermint Box trees.

“Hey JJ!  Come on up!” Sam coaxed, relaxing in a tree fork.  JJ looked up and was about to oblige when suddenly Sam’s usually animated face (ha ha ha) went blank and her skin turned (even more) ghostly pale.

“Are you OK?” JJ asked, suddenly worried.  But it was too late – Sam was spinning… spinning… colours… swirls… swirls…falling… and even after landing safely she was still falling… spiralling… drawn into a curious and persistent vortex reaching for her from beneath the grass façade…

Wtf is wrong with Sam??

Is she really just worn out?

Did she try and smoke that African Daisy?

Has she lost her marbles?

Have aliens come to suck her into their spaceship?

Or does she just need a good you-know-what?

Find out next time!!