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Gypsy’s Adventures Pt 16

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Sam struggled to see through the haze.  She clawed at the ground, fighting against an enigmatic pull that was sucking her into the soil.  Chaotic swirls and coloured spots exploded erratically behind her eyelids and in the confusion she vaguely remembered a fall from a great height (see Episode 14). 



All of a sudden there was a loud ‘whoosshh!!’, the force reversed and she was propelled from the earth’s surface at great speed and through the cold mist for an indeterminate time… then her flight slowed and the fog cleared and she found herself looking upon a tragic sight – two young people dressed in black standing by a headstone. 



She squinted.  Hang on, one of the young people was HER!  Wtf??  Why was she in a cemetery, with Gypsy’s ex, and… eek!  With a poncy hat on?? 

She squinted again, and then sucked in her breath in disbelief when she read the inscription on the headstone.  Her best friend, Gypsy, was DEAD!

After some hyperventilation the cemetery scene was replaced by a vivid and gruesome image of Gypsy - crushed, lifeless (even more so than usual) beneath a large tree limb.  And equally upsetting – Gypsy’s frock was in ruins and her Bally handbag (Da Loop, $90) was lying in the dirt. 

Sam screamed and found herself travelling swiftly through the air again, the fog wrapping and flapping around her as she flew.  Suddenly with a gasp she opened her eyes to a concerned and quite hairy face peering at her from above. 

‘Sam! Are you OK? I think I had better get you home…’

She jolted upright in a panic.  ‘JJ! I need a phone, I have to call Gypsy! OMG OMG OMG!!’ 

Her camping buddy obediently pulled Sam’s phone from her own pocket and silently handed it to her, sensing that ‘keep your hair on!’ was not going to be an effective line here. 

‘Siri!!  Call Gypsy NOW!!’ shrieked Sam at the phone.  Siri promptly sent Gypsy a text telling her she was a cow, but by then Sam had found Gypsy in her message stream and hit the ‘call’ button herself…

‘Shall I or shan’t I?’ Gypsy pondered when her ringing phone interrupted the juicy dialogue that had been iterating in her head while she sat dreamily on a park bench eating her lunch.  She had just dropped Dave home after their weekend getaway involving sun, swimming, sex and a marriage proposal, and didn’t feel like being jerked back into reality by a phone call.  She glanced at the screen – it was Sam.  Well, of course THAT was different – she had gossip to share and hadn’t talked to Sam in ages!

Gypsy got up from the bench and stepped out (in her Docs) into the open to take the call, but all she managed was ‘Sam! I have to tell…’ when there was an enormous CRACK!!! and THUD!!! followed by a scream from the phone (which she dropped in shock).  A huge tree branch was now lying across the bench in the exact spot where Gypsy had been sitting five seconds before!

After what seemed like an age, a shaken Gypsy picked up her phone (from which she could hears screams and sobs emanating) and said tearfully and gratefully to Sam:

‘Babe, omg, you just saved my life.  I was a total goner. I can’t believe you rang right at that second, almost like you KNEW! I am sooooo sorry I have been self-absorbed and busy chasing criminals and juggling men and not paying us any attention.  YOU are the most important person in my life and the best bestie ever!! And, look, I know this will sound even more self-centred, but I’m getting married and, well, would you be my maid of honour?’

Sam sent her biggest grin through the phone to Gypsy.  She was alive!!  And as maid of honour Sam knew she would get to drink champagne, wear an awesome get-up and receive a lot of male attention!

Suddenly she was feeling better -things were going to be JUST FINE.

But who’s to say the bridesmaid dresses won’t be bloody awful??

Find out next Episode!

In addition to those items already mentioned, Gypsy wears brown vintage jacket & straw hat, both still available for purchase at Da Loop, & Sam and Traeger wear… a lot of black items that have sold since these photos were taken. But we have more! So come visit.

A big thank you to Kayla for this Episode’s photos!  Kayla is also a valuable contributor to Da Loop’s Instagram images, so be sure to check them out.